The Only True God
by Eric H. H. Chang

Hardcover or paperback, 684 pages, 2008: Xlibris Corporation

Monotheism–the belief in one and only God–is a cornerstone doctrine of the Christian faith. Yet seldom is this doctrine examined in the light of its Jewish roots and of God’s revelation in the Scriptures. The lack of a precise, Biblically-rooted monotheism in Christianity has far-reaching consequences for our spiritual lives, even hindering our ability to obey–with single-minded totality–a command that Jesus stresses repeatedly: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

When Jesus calls his Father “the only true God” in John 17:3, is he addressing his Father as one of the three Persons in the Godhead, or as one Person who alone is the only true God? What do the apostles teach us about the oneness of God? What do we make of John’s astounding statement that the Word became flesh?

The Only True God addresses these and other questions with insight and clarity. In the spirit of sola Scriptura–Scripture as sole authority for doctrine–the author surveys the voluminous Biblical data on monotheism in the hope that they may be studied constructively. While the book contains much material for intellectual reflection, its ultimate concern is for what is truly at stake: spiritual life, eternal life, and the faith delivered once for all to the saints. Read it online or purchase it: paperback or hardcover.

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