The Tyranny of the Trinity: The Orthodox Cover-up
by P. R. Lackey

paperback, 360 pages, 2008: AuthorHouse

The Tyranny of the Trinity lends a “Voice of Reason” to a biblically unsubstantiated doctrine. This book will afford readers a more fair and balanced approach to the Scriptures which have been so distorted by the mishandling and misinterpretations of clergy via thier creeds and doctrines.

The conscientious truth-seeker will be given a perspective contrary to what they have perennially been taught primarily through tradition and generational adherence to a particular belief. Justice is only served when “all the facts” are known. A lie told long enough carries more weight the the truth; hence, the Trinity.

The Trinity is perceived as a “mystery” even within its own camp, but continues to remain the Cornerstone a of Christianity. Those who do not embace this doctine are considered heretics! This is the con job bequeathed on Judeo-Christianity by the early Church Fathers.

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