To God be the Glory
by Joel W. Hemphill

Paperback, 390 pages, 2006: Trumpet Call Books

“In the spring of 1986 I had an awesome encounter with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Along with many other things that He told me, He said for me to study the Scripture, as He was going to reveal Himself to me in His word. This seemed strange as I was forty-six years old, had been saved since I was ten, had been a minister of the Gospel since the age of nineteen, and thought I had a pretty good grasp on who He was. I was mistaken!

This book does not seek to diminish Jesus in any way. God forbid! Neither should it ever be used to try and do so. He is everything the Holy Bible says he is, the virgin born, righteous, anointed, appointed, approved Son of God, Messiah of Israel.

Finally, I have approached the subject of this writing carefully and prayerfully as its importance is too great to get it wrong. I have also kept in mind Jesus’ words to Peter, “Feed my sheep” and “feed my lambs.” These are of different maturity and need different food. Perhaps there are even a few goats. The challenge is to awaken the goats without harming the sheep and lambs. Only time will tell if I have succeeded. I love you all.”

– Joel W. Hemphill

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