[Regarding God being like liquid, solid, and gas]

Sometimes in discussions with Trinitarians they will use as a proof the fact that water can simultaneously co-exist as a liquid (water), a solid (ice), and a gas (steam).

I have heard it argued by Unitarians, in defense, that while water can exist as any of those, one cannot say that it exists in all of those states at the same time.

Actually, H20 can co-exist in all three states. I (Danny Dixon) wrote a letter to a current chairman of Chemistry at a Christian University. Actually, when I was attending college, this fellow was a lad and student in my Bible classes and discipleship groups, when he was younger in junior high and high school. By God’s blessings of intelligence and grace to him (his name is Kim), he now has great responsibilities. At any rate, I was pleased to write to him and ask him if water could exist as ice, water, and steam all at the same time. And he said that it could, as you can read here.

What we need to understand, however, is that analogies don’t prove anything. If the Trinity were true, the truth in nature about the states in which water can exist would only illustrate the point.

On the other hand, one cannot get to a doctrinal or theological proof by laying out a scientific principle nature.

When someone brings up an “argument” like this, simply say, “That’s nice, and actually rather interesting. But can you to demonstrate to me from Scripture that the theological point is true?”

To repeat the thought in different words, one can pre-suppose the existence of the Trinity. One can even claim to have specific reasons for belief that there is a Trinity. But at best all he / she can say is, “Perhaps the Trinity is like this.”

But such a one could never say, “It’s because of this that the Trinity must also be true,” or “It’s because of this that the Trinity must possibly be true.”

We can make a good case for the non-Trinitarian nature of God. Don’t be led off down a rabbit trail when others who would challenge your faith want to go down rabbit trails using illustrations to prove points.

Take care!

Danny Dixon

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