• Lady Wisdom shouts aloud in the street, in public places she raises her voice. At the head of noisy streets she calls out, where the city gates open she speaks her words, “How long, O naïve ones, will you love naivety?” (Prov 1:21-23)
• “I love those who love me; And those who desire me will find me.” (Prov 8:17)
• Lady Wisdom has built her house; she has carved out her seven pillars. She has slaughtered her meat; she has mixed her wine; indeed, she has prepared her table. She has sent out her female servants; she calls out from the tops of the heights of the town, “Whoever is naïve, let him turn in here.” (Prov 9:1-4)


• “I, Wisdom, dwell with Prudence, And I find knowledge and discretion.” (Prov 8:12)

Covenant faithfulness and Truth

• You, O Yahweh, will not shut out your tender mercies from me. Your covenant
faithfulness and truth will continually watch over me. (Psa 40:11)
• Let him sit enthroned in God’s presence forever. Appoint your covenant faithfulness and truth that they may watch over him! (Psa 61:7)
• Covenant faithfulness and truth have met together (Psa 85:10)
• Covenant faithfulness and truth meet in [Yahweh’s] presence. (Psa 89:14)
• Covenant faithfulness and truth guard the king, and by that covenant faithfulness God sustains the king’s throne. (Prov 20:28)

 The Arm of the Lord

• Awake, awake, put on strength, O Arm of Yahweh; awake as in the days of old, the generations of long ago. Was it not you (2fs) who cut Rahab in pieces, who pierced the dragon? (Isa 51:9)

Splendor, Majesty, Strength, and Beauty

• Splendor and majesty are before him, strength and beauty are in his sanctuary.
(Psa 96:6)


• O send out your light and your truth, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain and to your dwelling places. (Psa 43:3)


• Surely goodness and covenant faithfulness will follow me all the days of my life
(Psa 23:6)

Righteousness and Peace

• Righteousness and peace have kissed each other (Psa 85:10b)

Integrity and Uprightness

• May integrity and uprightness guard me, for I have waited for you. (Psa 25:21)


So will my word be which goes forth from my mouth; It will not return to me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it. (Isa 55:11)

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